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Home » Anti-malware » Absolute StartUp Lite
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Absolute StartUp Lite

Windows startup manager for home users

File size: 2306 KB
License: Shareware / $19.95
Author: F-Group Software, Ukraine, KievOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Absolute StartUp LiteAbsolute StartUp Lite provides especially a startup overseer fact that allows startup scheduling and startup p. sequencing. Absolute StartUp Lite clears your startup configuration of potentially terrible programs and speeds way up your PC. Absolutee StartUp Lite alsso offers taking priority startup scheduling, which allows background of pretty certain conditions in behalf of especially a p. little to be started (on pretty certain days, after one more p. is started, etc.). Additional infinite possibilities key on especially a startup keep especially a urgently check on and on the alert when rookie details are added, antivirus integration and any more. The p. just as soon includes especially a startup optimization wizard fact that investigates your configuration and suggests details little to be ruined. Absolute StartUp Lite is be in behalf of use both too system administrators and final users. With Absolute StartUp Lite you can be saved fm. unwanted programs at especially a the maximum rate of your computer!

Download: Absolute StartUp Lite
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