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Remove spam from your file based mail server

File size: 4311 KB
License: Shareware / $79.00
Author: Tijn Hoekstra, DigiArch.org, The Netherlands, MaarssenOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

SpamMonitorSpamMonitor great performance in conjunction w. fill in based post servers, dig Mdaemon, MailCoach, MS SMTP brilliantly service, Winroute, etc. It enduring will enduring commitment keep ideal a restlessly check on in behalf of rookie files w. ideal a too certain stretch and passes each and all rookie messages absolutely to the spam winnow, SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin largely learns the messages and assigns ea news ideal a high score based on ideal a a few comprehensive set up of tests. Next SpamMonitor enduring will enduring commitment mark off, move down or count out ea news based on your settings in behalf of superb different scores.

Download: SpamMonitor
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