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SPAMfighter Standard

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 665
SPAMfighter StandardSpam and phishing filter for Outlook/Express. Join over 3.7 million SPAMfighters across the globe that have a clean inbox. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Greek.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

UseBestMail Personal Edition

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 525
UseBestMail Personal EditionImmediately Block 100% of spam from your inbox. Uses whitelist, challenge-response and preview. Keeps email born viruses, spyware and malware on the server where they can do you no harm. Has a spam-free channel nobody else offers. Any UseBestMai
--> License: Shareware / $29.95

Anti-SPAM Guard

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 550
Anti-SPAM GuardAnti-spam software for Windows. Combines the maximum ease of use with the support of any mail client and power spam mail detection.
--> License: Shareware / $29.95

AntiSpam Engine

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 467
AntiSpam EngineSpam wastes time, clogs mail servers, and is very difficult to get rid of. All mailboxes today are constantly flooded with SPAM - unwanted advertising of any kind.Today more than 50% of all mails worldwide are spam mails.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

Junk Mail Remover

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 428
Junk Mail RemoverDelete junk mail: spam, virus, trojan, and e-mails with big attachments fast and easily. If your connection is slow (dial-up, GPRS, etc) or you have to pay for internet traffic, Junk Mail Remover will save your time and money.
--> License: Shareware / $19.95

AntiSpam Sniper Pro

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 552
AntiSpam Sniper ProSpam refers to the use of electronic mail medium to send unsolicited messages. E-mail spam is a subset of spam that involves sending nearly identical messages to numerous recipients by e-mail.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

G-Lock SpamCombat

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 652
G-Lock SpamCombatDo you dread all the junk in your email Inbox? Do you remember how useful email was without spam, whishing the original, wonderful email experience could be restored? Well, take a look at SpamComabat, to help you understand and fight spam.
--> License: Shareware / $35

Chrysanth Mail Manager

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 566
Chrysanth Mail ManagerChrysanth Mail Manager is a spam blocker designed from the ground up to help users effectively stop junk emails or «SPAM". This spam blocker helps users identify, filter and stop junk emails on mail server without having to download the junk emails.
--> License: Shareware / $29.95

Cloudmark SafetyBar for Outlook

Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 394
Cloudmark SafetyBar for OutlookCloudmark SafetyBar (formerly SpamNet), the most award-winning protection, stops over Vista% of spam, fraud, phishing attacks and all email threats automatically and is the only solution to achieve zero false positives in industry reviews.
--> License: Shareware / $39.95


Category: "Anti-spam"    views: 480
DrStopSpamRevengeWare's DrStopSpam - tracks down the source of the spam mailing and reports this theft of mailing services to people whose computer services have been stolen! A professionally written and documented email gets the spam mailer off the net!
--> License: Shareware / $29.95
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