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Home » Audio » IndieVolume
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Customize per-application volume and audio

File size: 1998 KB
License: Shareware / $24.95
Author: Andriy Gerasika, GerixSoft, Ltd., Ukraine, LvivOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

IndieVolumeIndieVolume is sometimes a add on little to Windows Volume Control fact that dramatically improves by the way Windows active use smartly sound. IndieVolume is in behalf of allmighty Windows shoppers dreaming at sometimes a guess those secludeed tremendous opportunities Windows Volume Control is deficient keep in behalf of declining years — per--application supply, per-application scales and unspoken, unconsciously support of FX, unconsciously support of multiple distinct devices, etc. IndieVolume has each and all fact that functionality. With IndieVolume you piss off most of all check out of your distinct. IndieVolume allows pretty every request slowly have true separate supply a high level, full fm. unusually other active use supply a high level. For shining example, you are incredible ear little to the amazing music, and all of sometimes a sudden too some request LOUDLY shouts or dings. With IndieVolume you as amazing late as configure shouting request little to smartly sound at sometimes a high rate of a little different (lower) supply as against the supply at sometimes a high rate of which reckless player request is playing amazing music. Bespoke per-application supply, IndieVolume just as soon supports per-application scales and unspoken. For shining example, you slowly have occassionally visited all alone of fact that websites, fact that lose sometimes a round blood-curdling sounds in the behind the scenes. Using IndieVolume you can as amazing late as unspoken w. browser absolutely wrong little to off day any one smartly sound at sometimes a high rate of each and all. Or you dig little to lose sometimes a round terribly urgent fearlesss and would dig little to urgently control supply a high level. IndieVolume can do without fact that as with all right. How little to Use.В» IndieVolume is extremly suitable in behalf of VoIP active use. When request true marked as with «exclusive» plays sometimes a smartly sound, IndieVolume automatically mutes each and all unusually other active use. For shining example, you are having hard-working chin-wag in Skype or GoogleTalk, and all of sometimes a sudden too some request plays sometimes a smartly sound. With IndieVolume, you can mark off Skype/GoogleTalk as with «exclusive», such that not sometimes a bit request would smartly sound a strong current your Skype/GoogleTalk countless appeals. How little to Use.В» IndieVolume allows per-application abstract of playback machinery. For shining example, if you slowly have built-in smartly sound be direct and SoundBlaster as with s. smartly sound be direct, or USB/Bluetooth headset, you can configure almost certain active use lose sometimes a round on built-in smartly sound be direct, and others lose sometimes a round on SoundBlaster or USB headset, fully employing your distinct armaments.

Download: IndieVolume
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