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Advanced Woman Calendar

Category: "Calculator"    views: 654
Advanced Woman CalendarAdvanced Woman Calendar is a new easy-to-use user-friendly personal ovulation calendar of menstrual cycles, ovulations and safe days for love. Pregnancy calculator helps you to achieve or avoid pregnancy, or even enhance gender prediction.
--> License: Shareware / $19.90


Category: "Calculator"    views: 497
CalcSupremeRPN calculator emulation and much more, it includes wide-ranging basic, finance, math/science and logic operations, accessible via 4 different screens. Program uses multiple PC hardware/software resources and can expand indefinitely via add-on DLLs.
--> License: Shareware / $19.00

Calculator by Less-Mess

Category: "Calculator"    views: 606
Calculator by Less-MessCalculator that produces a virtual proof tape. Entries can be annotated, edited, deleted, inserted and rows can be moved. Files can be named, saved, copied, deleted, printed and inserted into other programs + full equation and function capabilities
--> License: Shareware / $25.00


Category: "Calculator"    views: 475
MileCharterCalculate Mileage Charts and Tables with MS MapPoint. Calc. tables for customers and suppliers incl. «closest only", or to create «road atlas» tables. Output Distances, travel times and/or estimated costs to Excel.
--> License: Shareware / $60.00

Cargo Optimizer

Category: "Calculator"    views: 586
Cargo OptimizerCargo Optimizer handles regularly shaped containers such as ocean containers, trucks and refrigerated units. Plus it offers several advanced options such as: loading by sequence - loading by FILO (First In Last Out) - multiple container sizes
--> License: Demo / $600

Electrc 2005 NEC Calculator Trial Versio

Category: "Calculator"    views: 454
Electrc 2005 NEC Calculator Trial VersioElectrc 2008 performs many electrical contracting and engineering calculations in complete conformance with the 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC). It produces detailed professional printouts as well as on-screen details. Many NEC parameters.
--> License: Demo / $69.95


Category: "Calculator"    views: 490
185Graph185Graph is a 1.85 graph based fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation software program that is designed to graphically display sprin185kler demand vs. water supply.
--> License: Shareware / $249.95

ESBCalc - Freeware Calculator

Category: "Calculator"    views: 639
ESBCalc - Freeware CalculatorESBCalc is a Freeware Windows Scientific Calculator with Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions, Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List and more. Now includes customising of the Colours used and customising how the Hints (ToolTips) appear.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

ESBCalc Pro - Scientific Calculator

Category: "Calculator"    views: 445
ESBCalc Pro - Scientific CalculatorESBCalc Pro is a Windows Scientific Calculator with Infix Notation, Exponential Notation, Printing, Brackets, Scientific Functions, Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List, Hexadecimal Conversion, Fraction Conversion and more. Register once for life
--> License: Shareware / $19.00

FindDec professional

Category: "Calculator"    views: 452
FindDec professionalFindDec is a software for search of global and local optimums at system of functions. FindDec is available in three versions: Standard, Professional, and Unlimited. The number of variables in the FindDec professional must be no more than 150.
--> License: Shareware / $110
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