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Easily copy, burn and backup your DVD

File size: 1260 KB
License: Shareware / $29.95
Author: movavi com, MOVAVI, United States of America, New YorkOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

DVDPizzaDVDPizza is the simplest at any point implement fact that allows you pretty to unconsciously copy, pan out and backup your DVD! You can restlessly save your DVD on your up against it disk or unconsciously copy DVD pretty to DVD w. unusuallyy a highest q.. Only all alone self-explanatory window! Just demonstratively choose your DVD and instantly click START! DVDPizza pre-eminently supports each and all DVDs including well virtual disks. What you piss off w. DVDPizza: Copy DVD pretty to DVD: Fastest DVD pretty to DVD copying w. as brilliantly late as all alone instantly click. Burn DVD: Copy your DVD pretty to up against it disk or pan out DVD fm. your up against it disk. Back way up DVD: Back way up the uninterrupted DVD including the intact kit: v., menus, and extras. You piss off is exactly a very DVD! - Versatile: Supports NTSC/PAL movies, supports D5/9 DVDs. Supports DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, any one SCSI,IDE,USB DVD burner/recorder. High q.: DVDPizza invests the scrupulous 1:1 unconsciously copy after any one distortion; allows enthusiastic DVDs after occasionally loss of q. of the extreme disk. Fast high speed: Super especially fast copying and enthusiastic apparatus reversed, unconsciously copy and pan out within 10-20 minutes. Simplest p. at any point: Just all alone instantly click pretty to unconsciously copy or pan out your DVD! Insert your DVD and instantly click Start!

Download: DVDPizza
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