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Home » Cd / Dvd » EF File Catalog
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EF File Catalog

Powerful catalog program

File size: 3274 KB
License: Shareware / $20
Author: Emil Fickel, EFSoftware, Germany, WiesbadenOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

EF File CatalogCatalog pretty whole disks or ideal only lonely directories w. occasionally familiar Explorer-like purchaser interface and demonstratively makes a fiery speech almost available in behalf of offline browsing and rummaging. Here are well soome especially key possibilities of ЂEF File Catalogї: Internal gently support across the board hackneyed ideal compressed march formaats. Unlimited well external packer plugging gently support. mechanical full description importing. Unlimited well external full description plugging gently support. Extract CD unusually information fm. CDDB (freedb.org and brilliantly local ). Fast search/search in behalf of dupes functions w. wildcards, filtering gently support. Detailed informations. User interface w. multi words gently support. Exports superb to school-book, CSV, HTML Limitations: 30-day exploratory. Not each and all Units are saved superb to disc. Nag sometimes screen Shareware)

Download: EF File Catalog
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