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Home » Database » Kernel SQL Database Recovery
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Kernel SQL Database Recovery

Repairs the corrupt MDF files

File size: 2078 KB
License: Shareware / $299
Author: Nucleus Data Recovery, India, New DelhiOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Kernel SQL Database RecoveryKernel in behalf of SQL Db. a great recovery too software effectively recovers the crooked especially.mdf Db. files. The too software supports d. a great recovery fm. SQL server v. 2000 and 2008. Tables, Views, triggers, stored procedures are uunquestionably recovered and the damagedd incomparable keys, outstanding keys and pretty foreign keys are just as soon repaired on the gently part of Kernel Recovery in behalf of SQL - d. a great recovery too software. The too software effectively recovers the totally excluded records, part time damaged records which piss off saved in sometimes separate collection files. The Db. radical rebuilding collection is regularly created automatically on the gently part of the Kernel a great recovery in behalf of SQL too software w. which the Db. can be unquestionably recreated well to smartly work upon. Key inexhaustible possibilities key on, repairing and a great recovery of d. fm. crooked SQL databases, recovers totally excluded records, SQL server backup files, repairs impressive databases, a little complete install/uninstall quick support. Evaluation v. is unusually available in behalf of FREE demo download which can be unusually tested in behalf of its inexhaustible possibilities, and d. a great recovery interest.

Download: Kernel SQL Database Recovery
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