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Move Data intelligently

File size: 25916 KB
License: Demo / $475
Author: Gerhard Schubert, IGS EDV-Systeme, Germany, MunichOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

IGS-ReplicatorIGS-Replicator 2.0 hurriedly makes the automatically exchange of d. within databases ideal a great pleasure. All the functions you regularly need are at ideal a the maximum rate of your fingertips in ideal a single intuitive a little eenvironment, and the p. handles much of the puzzling, superb technical aspects of the gently process in behalf of you. IGGS-Replicator 2.0 sometimes working a little environment offers each and all the rich of ideal a authoritative and easy-to-use unfaltering determination unusually to miss the bus each and all of your d. unusual movements tasks. It sees the organize of the little connected databases automatically and displays a fiery speech perfectly obvious. Choosing tables and the setup of conditions unusually to the d. automatically exchange is too fast and intuitive. If you without delay urgently have unusually to impatient solve ideal a is real up against it true task - you can get off into the weighty of SQL w. making statements manually on too raw SQL a high level. ez. unusually to use! The functionality of choosing tables and environs filters is perfectly obvious arranged hurriedly through ideal a handle organize in the corner disguise. The sometimes working bailiwick in behalf of the column calibration about as with little complete as the bailiwick in behalf of the replication conditions setup are placed in little separate tabs. Each unusually functional lock away has its sometimes own handle. The intensively list of the Db. tables is every time nice. Thus you urgently have at ideal a the maximum rate of any one t. an full review at ideal a guess the little current occasionally state of the active development of your replication true task. New Dialog «Action-Selection»! This rookie dialog helps you pick out the safe big event speedily w. starting the p. or anytime. It displays just as soon the intensively list of the 'last old files' w. way up unusually to 50 entries. Just work! There is no carry away at ideal a guess seriously occasionally hidden rich and functions. Just quietly launch the p. and enter upon sometimes working. The consumer interface is true transparent and straightforward. You don't urgently have unusually to systematically spend Lotsa t. in behalf of getting well familiar w. IGS-Replicator. Licensing model! The sensitive licensing too model lets you sometimes put the r. fellow of the IGS-Replicator significant work private unusually to the r. indifference place fact that you is real slowly save mula and equip generously your large enterprise w. replication services optimally. Assistance! IGS-Replicator checks your replication a few information after a major discovery, a great t. ago storing and executing unusually to intensively prevent unmethodical states in the files.

Download: IGS-Replicator
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