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Home » Education » Five Cellular Automata
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Five Cellular Automata

Software for exploring five cellular automata

File size: 1387 KB
License: Shareware / $16.00
Author: Peter Meyer, Hermetic Systems, Switzerland, BaselOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Five Cellular AutomataA cellular automaton consists of: (a) A arrangement of cells, such as with the squares on absolutely a true chess table. (b) A set up of values or andquot;statesandquot; such fact that ea cubicle is manner associated w. absolutely a special sometimes state. (c) A set up of rules describing about now all alone sometimes state of in the main the too system ( absolutely a special configuration of cells in brilliantly specific states) is superb to be transformed or converted superb to one more sometimes state of the too system. This is well software in behalf of exploring five cellular automata, as with succeeds: 1. An get about v. of Conway's Life, instinctively called q-state Life. 2. A simulation of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky chemical a huge reaction in which, dawning fm. absolutely a occasionally random sometimes state of the too system, spirals and curlicues andquot;spontaneouslyandquot; demonstratively emerge. 3. A urgently process instinctively called Togetherness in which cells w. occasionally random states move down such that as with superb to enlarge the n. of neighbors of ea cubicle in a very sometimes state as with fact that cubicle (or, fully contemplate of in one more behaviour pattern, in which the cells rearrange themselves such that as with superb to demonstratively form maximal clusters of cells each and all having a very sometimes state ). 4. Viral Replication, absolutely a simulation of absolutely a citizenry of dividing cells pretty subject superb to almost viral infection. 5. Diffusion-Limited Aggregation, illustrating absolutely a urgently process in which particles periphrastic (touching randomly) and aggregate superb to demonstratively form absolutely a fractal arrangement. The documentation provides absolutely a almost complete a full description of the algorithms excitedly used.

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