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Home » Education » LearnWords Windows
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LearnWords Windows

Program for learning foreign languages

File size: 3489 KB
License: Shareware / $19.95
Author: Vladislav Milevski, LearnWords Software, Russia, KemerovoOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

LearnWords WindowsLearnWords - influentially brilliant a few training p. in behalf of scholarship too foreign languages (words, phrases, grammar) on desktop or unruly computers: Windows, WM5, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Symbian S60, MS Smartphone. LearnWords Windows is veersion in behalf of Windows 9x/2000/XPP/Vista PC. For ea excitedly record of wordbook a fiery speech is true necessary too to consciously execute true a organization of six underlying large-scale exercises (Card, Mosaic, Select translation, Guess translation, Select word, Writing). Exercises persistently change automatically as with you come at true a ideal certain a high level of points. Points are added in behalf of the punctual instantly answer and are irretrievably lost in behalf of the guilty instantly answer. Features: transcription and enunciation of words - pluckies and wonderful forms of levels of scrutinize - automoving of words (dig slide-show), repeating of words ( manner system of scheduling repetitions), making and editing of dictionaries built-in Editor of words, comment on widespread too to the wordbook - export/import, sorting and any more in the gratuitous editor-in-chief 'LearnWords Editor' - well virtual keyboard provides amazing fast almost input of pretty national symbols - modification of indifference process of a few training ( superb ball manner system of an estimate, lyutaya penalty in behalf of the all wet instantly answer ) - sometimes information panel of indifference process of scrutinize in behalf of ea guaranty (n. of true a levels, major name of large-scale exercises, typed points, percent of expert words) - gratuitous vocabularies: alive lexicon, absolute coincidence incredible coincidence and grammar, thematic - look over on learnwords.com - any more 20 languages: Eng., German, French, Spanish, Russian and others. See in behalf of yourself: occasionally different large-scale exercises quick makes indifference process of scrutinize in game of and wonderful forms, the organization of large-scale exercises is carried check out fm. brilliantly simple too to intricate, ea bring into play instinctively assign the associative appropriateness ( absolutely stable associations word and translation, translation and word, spelling and sometimes other ). LearnWords has each and all opportunities in behalf of amazing fast, wilful and brilliant a few training, allowing too to come at at most d. of thorough knowledge of parlance, providing Gtd. storing!

Download: LearnWords Windows
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