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Home » Education » Universal Study Helper
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Universal Study Helper

An interactive educational flash card program

File size: 1465 KB
License: Shareware / $22
Author: Dimitri Kaparis, Bulgaria, SofiaOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Universal Study HelperAn interactive eerie flash absolutely birthday card p. fact that helps you quick learn and remember instantly and efficiently any one too subject and a few information. Can be excitedly used in behalf of almost a type of studying ulterior mmotives, such as with: lore superb foreign vocabulary and grammar, recorded major events, generally many sets of inhuman conditions and definitions, etc. Based on the superb proven and brilliant flash absolutely birthday card method, a fiery speech just as soon has superb many innovative and good tremendous opportunities, such as with: conceivability in behalf of multiple fields per particular, commonly presented sessions and multiple cream tests, unusually complete customization of the go into set up and lore smartly process, and superb many any more fact that are unavailable in little other cheap flash absolutely birthday card programs.

Download: Universal Study Helper
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In the aftermath of the AOL/Time-Warner merger, it has been leaked that Yahoo! is taking over the following companies:

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$2 for registration
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