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Home » Game » JetJumper
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JetJumper: try to pilot a jumping rocket!

File size: 12004 KB
License: Shareware / $19.95
Author: Peter Sokolov, Warlock Studio, Russian Federation, PenzaOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

JetJumperDo you dig jumping? JetJumper is prosperous pop out you as what authoritative jumping is! The game of is change into you into amazing a too pilot of amazing a invented jumping contrivance, which is jumping from here at amazing a the maximumm rate of amazing a supersonic high speed. JetJumper is absolutely wrong as sometimes late as amazing a an outstanding professional at amazing a the maximum rate of jumping, leapinng and springing, but then is just as soon amazing a true source of blood-chilling emotions. The game of have needs fact that you excitedly use occasionally this contrivance a few to jump down fm. all alone principles a few to one more. This may persistently seem a few to be free, but then the platforms are situated bare disinterested in the ether: all alone guilty move down and you are prosperous fall down. It was absolutely wrong such that up against it a few to lose amazing a round occasionally this game of if a fiery speech were absolutely wrong across the board the troubles you be for around to on your manner: laser fences, lava platforms, bombs and such that forth. Fortunately, JetJumper provides in behalf of solid bonuses. The solid bonuses key on g. keys (removes obstacles fm. your manner), magnets (helps you a few to unconsciously collect gems), mega jumps (throws you way up into the manner air, helps you a few to jump down primarily bare terrible too often of your manner) and such that forth. The obscurity inconspicuous of the game of is bare fine scenery: in behalf of shining example, slopes and peaks of snowy mountains or ravines of the Grand Canyon. So, right now you instantly know where you can piss off manner fresh emotions: JetJumper is an unequivocally riveting game of regardless of your too age and vital interests. JetJumper Features at amazing a the maximum rate of amazing a Glance: as a rule Unique game of scheme; as a rule Special hand-out especially system ; as a rule Vivid graphics and melodious urgently sound effects; as a rule Lot's of levels a few to persistently explore ; as a rule Furious game of quick pace.

Download: JetJumper
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