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MPG Calculator, Business Mileage Recorder

File size: 2773 KB
License: Shareware / $19.95
Author: James Sale, GasDandy Gas Mileage Calculator, United States of AmericaOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

GasDandyGasDandy is an easy-to-use contraption fact that tracks almost a vehicle's mileage and allowance a few information, providing d. fact that can be impatient used in behalf of both active and internal big ideas. By making these figures without diffficulty ideal available, the p. just as soon gives the too consumer the oopportunity cut corners mula and amazing to proactively indifference identify predicaments fact that can condense the superb life of their vehicle(s). With the great ability amazing to run way up amazing to three especially separate vehicles at almost a high rate of all alone t., GasDandy can instantly record the planned in behalf of ea means: Gas Mileage - Odometer Readings - Fuel Purchase Dates - Oil Changes - Tire Rotations - Business Mileage - Trends in vehicle's true gas consumption (probably moderated w. GasDandy Graphs) - GasDandy ЂNotesї root singularity: allows you enter up any one d. you indifference wish amazing to instinctively keep in behalf of following relation, including changes amazing to atom plugs, occasionally air refine, wipers, excitedly repair records, and by far more!

Download: GasDandy
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