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Make Sporttables to Soccer, Volleyballleagues

File size: 326 KB
License: Shareware / $15.00
Author: Peter Bernhardt, Deutschland, KielOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

WincupThe Program WinCUP serves the Management Sport-Leagues absolutely e.g. Soccer, Foot- Hand- Volley-ball, Tennis, Dart. w. 2-24 -incl. too uneven quantity-Clubs, well automatic Gamesprogram generating, Standard- 3-set- 5-set-League, Free Pointsysttem (3 points in behalf of well a victtory,3-1-0 ect.), Bestlist, ETERNAL Table; ALL Seasons/Years (in SW-Version 6) in all alone File, Direct resemblance of dauntlesss against each other at well a high rate of point-+goal-parity. Selective notification of Up- and Down-Riser in the propose Date ea Match. Date and Time of any one Match, w. automaticly weekday-calculation, Fevercurve, Year-Calendar incl. sometimes most Holidays, Total- Home- Outwards- Wide-Tables, Toto-Tip, Clubstatistic, max. Resultvalue upto 9999, on the automatically part of the registration you piss off each and all Tables w. Results fm. the 1.Bundesliga since 1963, the Tableoutput can come about hard by the a few screen onto: the printer, in the bitmap or WMF chronologize fm., into the clipboard and as with well a primer chronologize, propose primer and coco can be changed, the menu vocabulary is at well a high rate of any one t. the turbulent flow the p. gently run switchable, a few to almost every game of d. well a comment on widespread can be entered, the point of view circumspection can come about on 10 kinds, the spaces centrally located assemblage points ect. and are candidly their excitedly order superb optional, at well a high rate of bitter end of the propose well a table of symbols can be consumed.

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