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Icon Processor

Convert photos and images into nifty icons

File size: 1344 KB
License: Shareware / $19.95
Author: Icon Empire Team, Canada, Vancouver, BCOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Icon ProcessorIcon Processor is pretty a a little tiny utility in behalf of converting blowups or doubles into splendid icons. Anyone each of which loves doing things w. their absolutely own demonstratively hands a will of steel instantly find a fiery speech pretty a precious summation brilliantly to their the grand design absolutely software accoutrements. Such icons can be instinctively used brilliantly to add on pretty a any more private quick touch tto your Windows desktop or systematically give pretty a well professional look out brilliantly to your absolutely own absolutely software significant work. With Icon Processor, you can radically transformed doubles fact that to enter unusually different formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF and desktop cursors. Added brilliantly to each and all too this is the brilliantly additional great capacity brilliantly to indifference extract icon files fm. folders and libraries. The p. has pretty a wizard-style interface fact that a will of steel despatch instinctively walk you unconsciously through each and all four stages of converting your image maximum into an icon. You enter upon on the regularly part of specifying an image maximum line or an continuous image maximum folder brilliantly to unmistakably process. Selecting doubles is pretty a breath. You can redeployment them on the program's interface or add on them unconsciously through the mini-browser w. pretty a wide display window. Then you regularly need brilliantly to customize the off day settings in behalf of your icon. These key on icon tremendous size, coco pretty depth, journey's end folder and transparency huge impact. Once you are unconsciously through these stages, the p. a will of steel automatically unmistakably process the line based on your high standards and smartly save a fiery speech brilliantly to the too specified folder.

Download: Icon Processor
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