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є1:  Categories ЂAnti-malwareї :  Keylogger Hunter
Keylogger HunterUtility for blocking the activity of keyboard monitoring programs presumably running on your PC. Neutralizes up to 90% of keyloggers, depriving them of information about the pressed keys.
--> License: Shareware / $39.95
  views: 2732   read more ї

є2:  Categories ЂPrivacyї :  Internet History Washer
Internet History WasherThe Easy Way to Clear Internet Surfing Traces Nobody will ever find out: What sites you visited - What you searched for - Your passwords - And to identify you as a repeat visitor
--> License: Shareware / $14.95
  views: 1235   read more ї

є3:  Categories ЂHard-diskї :  File Structure Grabber
File Structure GrabberThis program will create a copy of the file structure of a computer and allow you to access it on any other computer without a network connection!
--> License: Shareware / $19.95
  views: 572   read more ї

є4:  Categories ЂPhotoї :  Fast Photo Renamer
Fast Photo RenamerIf you are not happy about such names of your photo files as ЂImg_0275.jpg", ЂDsc00403.jpg", you need a tool to solve this problem - it is Fast Photo Renamer. You can rename either each photo separately or all photos in a folder at once.
--> License: Shareware / $19.95
  views: 391   read more ї

є5:  Categories ЂHard-diskї :  Duplicate File Hunter
Duplicate File HunterHow many file duplicates are there on your computer? You don't know, but you regularly come across copies of files, right? There are various reasons why duplicates appear, but no matter what these reasons are there is not much sense in storing them.
--> License: Shareware / $19.95
  views: 487   read more ї

є6:  Categories ЂSystemї :  Delayed Shutdown
Delayed ShutdownThis program will allow you to fall asleep while your computer is playing your favorite music or you have your TV tuner on. You specify the period in which the computer should be turned off and it is turned off automatically.
--> License: Shareware / $19.95
  views: 307   read more ї

є7:  Categories ЂSystemї :  Caps Lock On
Caps Lock OnCaps Lock will automatically turn on after computer reload.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00
  views: 392   read more ї

є8:  Categories ЂInternetї :  Bookmark Publisher
Bookmark PublisherDo you already have great bookmarks in your Favorites menu? Export them to a HTML page and publish it on the Net or send it to your friend! Bookmark Publisher will easily and quickly create such an HTML page.
--> License: Shareware / $9.95
  views: 312   read more ї

є9:  Categories ЂPhotoї :  Automatic Photo Sorter
Automatic Photo SorterStop wandering through endless digital pictures, and organize your collection into chronological sub-folders for fast, intuitive browsing completely automatically with just a few mouse clicks!
--> License: Shareware / $24.95
  views: 380   read more ї

є10:  Categories ЂSystemї :  Start Menu Tuner
Start Menu TunerHave All Programs In Your Start Menu Become Enormously Numerous? The program Start Menu Tuner will easily solve your problem. Use it to create program categories you need and sort your programs by them. You will do it easily and visually.
--> License: Shareware / $19.95
  views: 293   read more ї

є11:  Categories ЂE-mailї :  Smart Mail Checker
Smart Mail CheckerSmart Mail Checker will notify you about a new incoming important message.
--> License: Shareware / $14.95
  views: 515   read more ї

є12:  Categories ЂScreensaverї :  Screensaver Launcher
Screensaver LauncherActivate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray. Get small and useful utility, only for / $7.45 !
--> License: Shareware / $19.95
  views: 366   read more ї

є13:  Categories ЂScreensaverї :  Rosary Screen Saver
Rosary Screen SaverRosary Screensaver - White, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow Roses. Get tons of roses on your screen, only for / $19.95 ! Really beautiful screen saver.
--> License: Shareware / $19.95
  views: 449   read more ї

є14:  Categories ЂEducationї :  Remember Numbers
Remember NumbersDo you sometimes feel embarrassed because you cannot recall a phone number? Try an alternative way to memorize phone numbers.
--> License: Shareware / $9.95
  views: 679   read more ї

є15:  Categories ЂScreen-captureї :  Perfect Screen Ruler
Perfect Screen RulerPerfect Screen Ruler is a graphics tool that allows you to accurately measure anything on your screen.
--> License: Shareware / $9.95
  views: 498   read more ї

є16:  Categories ЂSpyї :  Parental Scanner
Parental ScannerAre there pornographic videos and pictures on your children's computer? You don't know, but you suspect there might be some. Your children can hide pornographic files really deeply so that you never find out about them.
--> License: Shareware / $14.95
  views: 757   read more ї

є17:  Categories ЂCalculatorї :  Month Limit
Month LimitControlling Monthly Plans You pay your Internet service provider a fixed fee for 400 megabytes of traffic per month. The best this for you is to get all of your 400 mega megabytes, but without exceeding the limit too much.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00
  views: 588   read more ї

є18:  Categories ЂAnti-spamї :  Free Antispam Scanner
Free Antispam ScannerDo you use anti-spam solution but still receive tons of unsolicited e-mails that hurt your business? Free Antispam Scanner uses a unique algorithm that lets you connect to your mailbox, purge it free from spam and then download only valid messages.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00
  views: 462   read more ї

є19:  Categories ЂAnti-spamї :  Antispam Scanner
Antispam ScannerA clear and simple way to separate SPAM from the letters. Arming yourself with this program, you will be able to preview message titles in the mailboxes, and delete manifest spam.
--> License: Shareware / $9.95
  views: 496   read more ї

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