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Home » Information Technology » How to Remove Keylogger From Your Computer

How to Remove Keylogger From Your Computer

Category: "Information Technology"   Views: 661  
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How to Remove Keylogger From Your Computer
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What is Keylogger?

Keylogger can be classified into malicious software, which can infect your system unknowingly. It is really hard to detect Keylogger since it doesn't show in the Manager Task but logs all the keys that you type. Once your computer gets infected with it, it will monitor the Titles of current Windows, including ICQ, MSN, BANK, STOCK, ONLINE BUSINESS and so on.

While monitoring, it will record the information that you type automatically and then transfer your information to the hide controller who has infected your PC with Keyloggers. Although it is extremely dangerous and hard to detect, we should try our best to remove it from our PC! How to remove Keylogger? It may be a little hard for people who are lack of sufficient computer knowledge. But you can ask help from professional tools-security program that contains the function of removing Keylogger.

How to get rid of Keylogger effectively?

You know there are hundreds of programs in the internet market and you can choose any of them at your wishes. But for the security and your convenience, you'd better use the one that best fit to your system and besides removing Keyloggers, it can also provide other guard functions for your PC, such as anti-spyware, Trojans, Worms, etc. Not one wants troubles while using computer and no one wishes to be in a bind after using computer for a while.

#1 Be cautioned while using your computer. When you are inputting private or important information, it will be better to use the soft keyboard.

#2 Clear up your internet temporary cookies. The Cookies may be traced by Keylogger, hackers or spyware. To delete all your internet trace will be safer.

#3 Get an excellent security program for protecting your PC security. With the guard function of security program, your PC will be protected and keylogger, spyware or malware can not infect your PC easily.

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