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Home » Information Technology » When Laptop Keyboard Out of Work

When Laptop Keyboard Out of Work

Category: "Information Technology"   Views: 6039  
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When Laptop Keyboard Out of Work
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Just imagine when you tap the keyboard, nothing happens. There is no reaction. I can't chat with my friend, write emails and play games. My laptop keyboard doesn't work. Have you ever encountered this problem? What's wrong with the keyboard?Usually, there are two situations: only one or two keys gave up working, especially the ENTER key, that caused by your brutal tapping. Another one is that most of the keys can't work. This phenomenon is often caused by the dirt block the circuit board or a conductive plastic, allowing the normal between the two can not connect. Other factors may also be, for example: keyboard plug is damaged, circuit problems, damaged motherboards, CPU not working properly, etc., but not the main reason. I have seen my brother handle his HP Presario 441427-001 Laptop Keyboard,† so here share with you all.
First of all, prepare clean and spacious place for your laptop. It's really dedicated work to open the laptop keyboard. Put the keyboard side down, for the circuit on the other side is fragile. Then get off the circuit boards which are generally made of soft plastic film, the inscription button cable. Preferably with the 97% alcohol cotton gently scrub two times in the circuit board. You'd better be very careful and soft. Meanwhile, you should check the conductive plastic whether they are damaged or not. Suppose some conductive plastics are damaged, my advice is that you can replace it with some parts that don't use so often. It's better than getting a new one. Remove laptop keyboard in the inside corner of the dirt, tools available brush, small brush, etc., but note a number of actions to be gentle. Moreover, have a look of the weld or loose soldering, welding module, you can repair weld by using tools such as conductive silver paint, concrete repairs see the next section examples of laptop keyboard repair. So after the alcohol evaporates, you can use your laptop again.This is just the case to my brotherСs laptop keyboard. so you should make sure you can handle this. Otherwise, you may ruin your keyboard.
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