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Home » Information Technology » Necessity of environmental chamber testing | Business opportunities

Necessity of environmental chamber testing | Business opportunities

Category: "Information Technology"   Views: 609  
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Necessity of environmental chamber testing | Business opportunities
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Environmental chamber is a closed testing environment where the real environmental and natural conditions are simulated in order to understand its effect on the test product like medical or biological items, industrial products or materials, and electronic devices and components etc.

It is a very reliable testing method which evaluates the performance level and durability of various products under stressed environmental conditions like extreme climatic changes, humidity level, temperature, altitude, wind, bacterial growth or even under chemical exposure.

Environmental chamber is used by scientists, researchers and manufactures in different domains like chemical, food products, aerospace, telecommunications and electronic gadget industries. The test results from the environmental chamber will indicate the product quality, its manufacturing flaws and weaknesses and also help in identifying the potential lifespan of a product or material, once it is launched in the real market space. It can be either used as the final evaluation test of a product under replicated environmental conditions or as a preparation step for further physical tests or chemical tests on the prototype model.

The design and size of an environmental chamber may vary as per the needs and requirements of the experiments or research conducted. It can be a very simple bench top or can be as complex as large walk in chambers. The enclosed test areas have an opening for inspection of test result and sample while the test is in progress.

An environmental test chamber is very much necessary for various reasons. It helps in different overheads involved in the production cycle of a specific product ranging from product development time to minimizing manufacturing cost.

Environmental chamber testing becomes very critical for certain products which have a legal liability towards consumer safety, in case of any mishap or injury occurred due to the malfunction of the product.

An Environmental Chamber also provides a high level of safety and quality for the products which are prone to easy decay and degradation. It is possible to assess the shelf life of such products under different conditions like high level of humidity or extreme hot. It also helps in reducing the warranty of the products as the product has been tested under stress for all possibilities of errors.

The manufactures also maintain an on-site evaluation report card of the product regarding its performance levels under various situations. In case of any detected fallacies, it is also easy to formulate counter measures for repairing the damaged product. This also enhances the goodwill and reputation of the company, making it reliable among customers.

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