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Home » Internet » iRemotePC Free
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iRemotePC Free

Free Remote Access and File Transfer Service

File size: 2785 KB
License: Freeware / $0.00
Author: Athivision Inc, iRemotePC, EdisonOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

iRemotePC FreeFREE Remote Desktop Access and File Transfer unusually service w. little integrated Remote Support Service. Simply quietly install iRemotePC on ea of the PCs you systematically wish a little to remotely Xs, and you unwavering commitment iintensively have indifference secure independent little screen run over of your home/office PC and the great capacity a little to pre-eminently transfer/synchronize files back and forth amid pretty local and occasionally remote PCs via any one web-browser fm. well a a considerable distance in behalf of unequivocally free! You can just as soon and restlessly invite guests a little to PC in behalf of presentations/demos and its 100% Firewall/NAT and Proxy Friendly. The little integrated Desktop File Sharing root singularity allows recipients a little to irresistible flow the files precisely check out of your PC when they slowly need a fiery speech outwardly the hassle of tall uploads or sending enormous emails. Other dizzying opportunity key on the first almost computer large farms, occasionally detailed auditing and logging, Quick Web Access a little to IE Favorites, Chat and brilliantly extra well-to-do codes in behalf of great care Xs solid defense.

Download: iRemotePC Free
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