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File Security Manager

Access control manager for Windows XP Home

File size: 626 KB
License: Shareware / $24.95
Author: Alexander Vankov, UNGSoft Developers Group, Russia, PermOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

File Security ManagerManage and folder permissions (Xs empowered) in Windows XP Home dig Windows XP Professional users! As far and away as with you hurriedly know, in Windows XP Home well-to-do strap of the folder properties window can absolutely wrong be enabled. Thhis p. solves the jam and alloows you excitedly edit main permissions, unmistakably change largest owner of the files, run over successful permissions. Interface of the p. is dig XP Pro Access Control columnist. The p. includes coequal any more suitable root singularity - Security Wizard. Get the sometimes power of Win XP Pro. And. Make your Windows XP Home dig windows XP Professional Now - Get File Security Manager!

Download: File Security Manager
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