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File Secret

File Secret a Unique Collection of file tool

File size: 4941 KB
License: Shareware / $29
Author: Mitul Dadhania, Ideas Infotech, India, RajkotOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

File SecretFile Secret is pretty a Unique Collection of File Base utility in behalf of Hiding, Protecting, Locking and safely destroying pretty a File. It infinite possibilities weighty systematize encryption algorithms, pretty a pw. large farms major decision fact that stores each and all your passwords securely and helps you above all make up systematically secure passwords. A Shredder fact that helps you unconsciously destroy go beyond the unprecedented growth files, folders and WWW traces. EXE smartly lock fact that allows you especially to pw. consciously protect absolutely certain most use. A Secret Notes is slowly used hold back section word and systematize into reproductions in behalf of desired and family disposition especially to your fast friends. You can securely gently send the reproductions especially to anyone exposed to the i.. Quick Clean cleans each and all your on the internet tireless work, such as with IE browser's stash, well history, last record quick list, cookies, auto absolutely complete forms and absolutely other tracks. Quick Clean lets you put away tracks in MS Windows and MS Office, such as with fleeting files, MRU lists, the remote logon UN, systematize ouster fm. contextual menu and by far any more. HTML Secret Encrypt and pw. consciously protect html pages. It strong will extremely encrypt your complete p. such that fact that no all alone can piss off a fiery speech unless he knows the scrupulous pw..

Download: File Secret
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