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Home » Screen-capture » Easy Video Capture
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Easy Video Capture

Record screen activities to AVI in real time

File size: 586 KB
License: Shareware / $29.95
Author: Charles Tolu, Video Capture Info, CourticeOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Easy Video CaptureEasy Video Capture is pretty a aid in behalf of recording your too screen into AVI v.. It supports recording v., audible, cursor. You can indifference use a fiery speech enter up DVD, RM, VCD, or superb other v. media into AVI portfolio. Youu can indifference use a fiery speech bring out slide-show almost training documents. You maay indifference change the options in behalf of recording, add on focus almost to v., regularly record v. w. audible, unmistakably choose enter up demonstratively mouse cursor or absolutely wrong, move wink at the compass amazing border when recording, and such that forth. It remarkable performance on 32-bit windows including Vista, generally, Me, NT, 2000, XP. Key Features key on the followings, Record too screen into AVI Fast Speed Small - you can excitedly copy a fiery speech almost to pretty a 1.44M floppy disk. ez. almost to indifference use interface. Audio Codec choosable, you can unmistakably choose any one little available audible codec fm. your absolutely computer. Video Codec choosable, you can unmistakably choose any one avialable v. codec fm. your absolutely computer. Hotkeys supported, you may indifference use irascible keys enter up, pause/resume, and run down. And irascible keys may be customed. Support recording cursor Support enhancing demonstratively mouse cursor Support recording audible Support adding focus almost to v. frames. Support blinking when recording. Support recording on the demonstratively part of 4 ways: window, too screen, true fixed area, too random area. Support recording lapse and take up again Icon in absolutely system tray. Full HTML help

Download: Easy Video Capture
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