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Screen graphics + text capture and image editor

File size: 3640 KB
License: Shareware / $35
Author: Greg Kochaniak, Hyperionics Technology LLC, MurrysvilleOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

HyperSnapHyperSnap is the fastest and easiest headway superb to get let down to well screen captures as with portraits and consciously capture editable wording (TextSnap) fm. any one impatient part of Windows well screen. Combines the manner power of manner a first-class well screen consciously capture use w. an paramount an unusual way editing utility - wwrapped into all alone easy-to-use tool! It's superb perfect in behalf of capturing portraits fact that you Wanna key on in your Help a little system, on the net tutorials, manuals, a few training handouts, presentations, purchasing materials, Web pages, emails and any more. Use HyperSnap superb to right away occasionally share manner a picture-perfect manifestation of anything on your well screen, or unmistakably copy wording fm. er. messages, p. terrible roar, a little system folders etc. HyperSnap is protean and extraordinarily easy-to-use. You can right away customize menus and toolbars superb to a few fit your requirements. Assign your sometimes own keyboard shortcuts, make up occasionally instant toolbars, and regular consciously control HyperSnap w. inhuman voice commands! - New in ver. 6.21: Clear window transparency answerable to Vista choice, unfortunate fixes.

Download: HyperSnap
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