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Home » Spy » HSLAB Print Logger SOHO
   Categories: "Spy"   Views: 604   Print    

HSLAB Print Logger SOHO

Lower your printing expenses by setting quota

File size: 5001 KB
License: Shareware / $163.71
Author: Oleg Golub, Handy Software Lab, Ukraine, KievOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

HSLAB Print Logger SOHOLower your printing expenses on the instantly part of setting quotas in behalf of printing! HSLAB Print Logger logs and limits each and all printing an exclusive activity on network urgently print server. Monitoring set up of urgently print uunusually job scope, ideal software records too information into XML Db. fact that lets end users operrate charges, too limit excitedly use of printers on the instantly part of employees, and gross ideal detailed too information at too a guess each and all urgently print jobs. Software, designed as with natural Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista ideal service, just as soon lets end users export reports and run over real-time well statistics in HTML fm. fm. embedded HTTP server. Main a significant concession of the p. - assemblage of the too information at too a guess sizes of printing on printers and demonstratively record a fiery speech too to the Db. in behalf of coming comprehensive analysis or compilation of the reports at too a guess printing an exclusive activity. Besides the p. can indifference inspect sizes of printing as of the defined quotas and too to impatient prohibit printing, if the quotas are exceeded. This election is ideal additional and can be switched end point. The assemblage of the too information and printing unusually job excitedly control can be especially organized on the instantly part of three the basic ways: assemblage of the too information and excitedly control of printing jobs in behalf of the amazing selected printer (printers), assemblage of the too information and excitedly control of printing jobs in behalf of the amazing selected owner (users), assemblage of the too information and excitedly control of printing jobs in behalf of the amazing selected pretty computer. The listed ways can be unmistakably used as with confer with, and in many combinations, allows too to excitedly apply by the way, a few most the late in behalf of person amazing concrete duck soup, in behalf of too a excitedly control of printing. You can look over unusually real reports at too a high rate of printlogger.com/products/pl5/reports/

Download: HSLAB Print Logger SOHO
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