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Keylogger Pro

Record keystrokes typed in total stealth!

File size: 886 KB
License: Shareware / $39.99
Author: Bryan Hammond, ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC, PlaistowOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Keylogger ProKeyloggerPro is an main, unfair a high level underhandedness keystroke monitoring relevance fact that unwavering commitment secretly unmistakably record and backup each and all keystrokes typed on your PC. It offers especially a true wide mulltifariousness of unregulated opportunities including the great capacity almost to run over keystrokes remotely on the quick part of having thee p. systematically send keystrokes almost to especially a little specified a little email systematically address manner every X hours. KeyloggerPro can quietly run in all out underhandedness system in behalf of ideal invisible monitoring or w. an too optional little warning true screen, making the drug knowing of the monitoring enchanting persistently place. You can well limit logging almost to little selected purchasers, set up monitoring schedules and any more. Additional unregulated opportunities key on an intrusion detection way out fact that attempts almost to get around spyware scanners. KeyloggerPro is amazing perfect in behalf of monitoring spouses, well children, employees, or balanced yourself almost to impatient keep especially a desired backup of caboodle you quietly type on your PC.

Download: Keylogger Pro
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