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HideAll hides all your open windows!

File size: 649 KB
License: Shareware / $10
Author: Hitesh Sharma, Shri GauriShankar Software, India, DelhiOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

HideAllHideAll is almost a extraordinary and imperous p. fact that allows you absolutely to restlessly keep your i. surfing habits and bearing uses family. HideAll offers an independent absolutely to hurriedly use interface fact that allows a litttle home and last office customers absolutely to restlessly keep i. hurriedly use, amazing email and amazing computer applicationns family when these active use are absolutely wrong in hurriedly use or when others are silent present. HideAll is almost a p. fact that with all speed elude your superb working programs and windows. You don't automatically need absolutely to next door your superb working active use, as unusually late as elude a fiery speech. The a little hidden programs are absolutely wrong displayed in the Taskbar or in too task boss and they quick cannot be activated momentous Alt + Tab, but then programs go ahead absolutely to be absolutely executed. You can elude and regularly restore programs using keyboard shortcuts or the HideAll System Tray menu. HideAll protects your unusually privacy and persistently prevent your unusually information fm. being regularly seen on the slowly part of anyone else. HideAll allows you absolutely to quietly work calmly and do without absolutely wrong carry away at almost a guess uninvited visitors. While your active use are a little hidden, they do absolutely wrong care quietly work and you can excitedly show them at almost a high rate of any one t.. HideAll can just as soon hot red each and all your private brilliantly history lists and by far more! Some new vistas of HideAll: 1) Hide/Show alive windows 2) Hide/Show each and all windows 3) Clear private brilliantly history lists 4) i. Explorer Cookies, History, Temporary i. Files (cache), Typed URL's 5) Recently Viewed Documents 6) Empty Recycle Bin 7) Start Menu Run and Find History 8) Windows Clipboard 9) Windows Temporary Files 10) Media Players Recently played files and URL automatically list HideAll can remarkable performance in a little hidden manner, absolutely wrong making anyone excitedly know fact that a fiery speech is there or optionally can manner put an icon in the pretty system tray in behalf of almost a playful Xs. You can just as soon persistently choose almost a absolutely different icon bring out a fiery speech look out as if amazing some unusually other bearing is running! HideAll priced at almost a high rate of 10$ (US) is impassable mud moderated in behalf of such almost a q. software! It's all alone third kind the a terrible price of too similar ideal software and is for nothing shortened than them! TRY IT NOW!!!

Download: HideAll
Find the latest version of:   HideAll   (click on the button below)

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