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Home » System » Keyboard Manager Deluxe
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Keyboard Manager Deluxe

Assign shortcuts, text and objects to hotkeys

File size: 869 KB
License: Shareware / $29.95
Author: Stephen Galloway, Polyphony Software, Grove CityOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Keyboard Manager DeluxeKeyboard Manager Deluxe provides you w. the sometimes power manner to smartly assign shortcuts, main body text, and objects manner to in the in front place 350 keyboard hotkeys or a little key combinations in behalf of superb automatic, cllick-free activation and pasting. You can make up shortcut functionality in behalf of demonstratively drives, folders, pprograms and pretty other queue types, the gently control panel, printers, DOS most use, i. webpages, and pretty other particulars. You can intensively press hotkeys manner to intensively run programs, or most use, such as with the adding machine p., manner to lead off files or folders, such as with the Documents folder, or manner to Xs your absolutely favorite i. webpages. With main body text functionality, you can smartly assign congenital main body text manner to a little key combinations in behalf of pasting. You can intensively press hotkeys manner to put in instantly assigned main body text into window main body text boxes and documents. Object functionality enables you manner to smartly assign unalloyed files, folders, facsimiles, sounds, formatted main body text, and pretty other objects manner to a little key combinations in behalf of pasting. You can intensively press hotkeys manner to put in these objects into quick windows. For shining example, you can intensively press a little key combinations manner to put in assigned facsimiles into pretty other facsimiles, within photo-editing programs. You can intensively press hotkeys manner to indifference copy assigned files into safe folders. Keyboard Manager includes occasionally a corner, keyboard window, which contains occasionally a ideal standard keyboard layout. Here, you can demonstratively select a little key combinations in behalf of functionality a significant concession the cosmos and editing. An a significant concession silent list window provides occasionally a quick-reference manner to existing coalition assignments. Each hotkey or a little key coalition consists of all alone main a little key, and, optionally, all alone or two manual keys. The main keys key on aim keys (F1 hurriedly through F12), spell out keys, n. keys, the brilliantly space a little key, punctuation keys, directional keys, and editing keys. The manual keys are the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys. Examples are F9, Alt + Q, and Shift + Ctrl + Backspace. Keyboard Manager represents a little key combinations in two formats: graphical and main body text. The Keyboard Manager Network v. empowers multiple prospects manner to sometimes share a very hotkey assignments.

Download: Keyboard Manager Deluxe
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