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Innovatools Desktop Commander

Category: "System"    views: 390
Innovatools Desktop CommanderReturn to those nostalgic days when your taskbar and traybar had a clean and clear look. With Innovatools Desktop Commander you can change the look of the taskbar and traybar in a way that will allow you to work more efficiently.
--> License: Shareware / $19.95


Category: "System"    views: 551
iHideThis application is a container to any program in your computer system to its shell by means of dynamically created tabs. iHide then hides instantly the opened programs currently running on its tabs with a set of hot keys (or rather secret keys).
--> License: Shareware / $20

ID Unlocker

Category: "System"    views: 529
ID UnlockerID Unlocker is a high quality performance application, transcending absolutely all error-messaging programs and unblocking access to all files.
--> License: Shareware / $47

ID Registry Cleaner

Category: "System"    views: 528
ID Registry CleanerID Registry Cleaner is an efficient cleaner and organizer of your Registry files, scanning, monitoring and detecting suspicious-functioning applications and improves system operations.
--> License: Shareware / $47

HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro

Category: "System"    views: 405
HSLAB Sys Monitor ProAdvanced real-time monitoring and statistics utility for Windows. HSLAB Sys Monitor uses some advanced technologies for logging and mesuring system components. The sensors permanently monitor behind parameters of the system.
--> License: Shareware / $24.92

HSLAB Shutdown Folder Lite

Category: "System"    views: 542
HSLAB Shutdown Folder LiteIt's missing from Windows! HSLAB Shutdown Folder is a utility which provides a service similar to the Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP Startup folder. It launches applications, command files(*.bat,*.cmd) and symbolic links placed into a Shutdown Folder
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

HSLAB Prefetch Manager

Category: "System"    views: 430
HSLAB Prefetch ManagerFaster XP/2003/Vista Boot and Application Launch with Prefetch Manager! Windows XP has a Prefetcher component, which shortens the amount of time it takes to start Windows and programs.
--> License: Shareware / $31.38

HSLAB Force Down Lite

Category: "System"    views: 616
HSLAB Force Down LiteThe program is intended for fast and guaranteed execution of Windows Shutdown if there is a plenty of open applications.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

HS WinPerfect

Category: "System"    views: 379
HS WinPerfectWindows system optimizer which cleans hard-disk and system registry, finds duplicate files, optimizes memory, tunes-up system specific settings, accelerates internet connection, improves cpu usage, manages security and backup issues and uninstalls so
--> License: Shareware / $29

Hotkey Jumpstart

Category: "System"    views: 573
Hotkey JumpstartHotkey Jumpstart lets you start any program, document, or music file on your computer by typing one hotkey and then a few characters of its name. This attractive program slides onto your desktop and supports skins and partial transparency.
--> License: Shareware / $9.99
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