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The FastDictionary 2008 is a very special electronic dictionary. FastDictionary lets the user to search words while usin...


Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design (PHex)
• views •  868
PHex is an easy to use tool which domonstrates the thermal calculations of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers --> License:...


Star Check Writer
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Star Check Writer is a simple yet powerful application program used to make the process of printing your checks fast and...


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WineBanq wine cellar software. It is a sophisticated software solution for managing your wine cellar electronically. It ...

Funny Jokes

A Scrote

In a check out line the other day and the couple were arguing about whose turn it was to pay.

The clerk was kind of listening until she heard the lady said to the guy, "Stop being a scrote."

With a furrowed brow the clerk asked, "What is a scrote?"

Without missing a beat the lady responded, "Short for scrotum. He is somewhere between a prick and an asshole."

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