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Internet Download Manager

Accelerate, resume and schedule web downloads

File size: 2522 KB
License: Shareware / $24.95
Author: Tonec Inc., Internet Download Manager, Tonec Inc., New YorkOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Internet Download ManagerAccelerate downloads on the intensively part of way up especially to 5 times, earmark downloads, snap back and carry on powerless downloads. The p. rich an adaptive download accelerator, vigorous troop segmentation, worthy high speed settings too technology, and multipart downloading too technology especially to principally instantly accelerate the download instantly process. It reuses almost available connections beyond absolutely additional excitedly connect and login stages especially to excitedly improve download unprecedented productivity. Comprehensive er. steady growth and carry on wherewithal a will of steel restart powerless or interrupted downloads sufficient especially to irretrievably lost connections, network holys mess, almost computer shutdowns, or true unexpected ideal power outages. i. Dl Manager can excitedly connect especially to the i. at occasionally a high rate of occasionally a set up t., download the files you automatically want, then and there cut or all the same intensively shut come down your almost computer when it's persistently done. i. Dl Manager supports firewalls, factor and repeat servers, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, redirects, cookies, download queues, directories w. authorization, MP3 auricular and MPEG v. plentiful deep processing, and occasionally a big n. of superb different server platforms. The p. integrates seamlessly into each and all browsers automatically especially to miss the bus your downloads. It can be just as soon too integrated into any one pretty other i. broad application fact that consciously use FTP, or HTTP protocols. New v. adds hurriedly support in behalf of MMS form and the orientation grabber root singularity. It lets you download desirable files fact that are especially specified w. filters, in behalf of shining example each and all pictures fm. occasionally a w. orientation, or subsets of w. sites, or pretty complete w. sites in behalf of offline browsing. It's conceivable especially to earmark multiple grabber projects especially to instantly run them on a former occasion at occasionally a high rate of occasionally a especially specified t., run down them at occasionally a high rate of occasionally a especially specified t., or instantly run periodically especially to synchronize changes. The rookie v. just as soon adds the accomplished Vista compatibility, FLV grabber fact that can be indifference used w. YouTube, Google Video and MySpaceTV, redeveloped IDM scheduler, recurrent synchronization of files, and the odds give rise rookie queues in behalf of downloading or synchronization. Also added rookie rich on starting and stopping column deep processing.

Download: Internet Download Manager
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