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Red Drive File Transfer Extension

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 469
Red Drive File Transfer ExtensionFile transfer extension that integrates with your Windows Explorer environment allowing you to drag, drop, open and edit files on remote servers without launching a separate file transfer client. Supports ftp/s, sftp and webdav protocols.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

Quick Tftp Server Pro

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 546
Quick Tftp Server ProA multi-threaded tftp server and telnet server for Windows designed to allow users to save and write files from various network equipment, and allow users to login to the server to execute commands, It also supports communication between the users .
--> License: Shareware / $45


Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 580
QuadSucker-NewsQuadSucker/News downloads FOUR news articles at once, making it four times faster than single-threaded news readers. It's perfect for all types of groups: GIF, JPEG, MP3, MPG, RAR, ZIP, and more! Supports yEnc. Fully functional - no disabled features
--> License: Shareware / $26.95


Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 623
PornBotPornBot is a unique software program that will crawl through various sites listing adult movie and picture galleries. It will get the links, download the content, and save it to your harddrive. A search can be based on either categories or keywords.
--> License: Shareware / $29.95

Picture Patrol XP

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 599
Picture Patrol XPPicture Patrol builds huge collections of free pictures overnight. Unlike ordinary newsreaders that require your constant intervention, it independently downloads articles from newsgroups, decodes pictures attached to them and saves them to disk.
--> License: Shareware / $19.00

Orbit Downloader

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 639
Orbit DownloaderOrbit Downloader is a free all-in-one downloader which can download streaming media, social music and video from anywhere include youtube, myspace, imeem, pandora, etc. It is also famous for its super light, great speed and rapidshare supported.
--> License: Freeware / $0.00

Offline Explorer Pro

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 489
Offline Explorer ProOffline Explorer Pro - download whole sites, online image galleries, news and usergroups from the widest variety of supported Web sites. The best ever support for the modern Internet technologies, Flash, scripts and active contents.
--> License: Shareware / $70

Offline Explorer Enterprise

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 600
Offline Explorer EnterpriseOffline Explorer Enterprise - download whole sites, online image galleries, forums and media streams from the widest variety of supported Web sites.
--> License: Shareware / $400

Offline Downloader

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 536
Offline DownloaderDownload whole websites to your computer - and view them offline. Offline downloader saves you time and effort by downloading entire Internet sites (or the sections you stipulate) to your hard drive.
--> License: Shareware / $29.95

Ocean FTP Server

Category: "Download-Upload"    views: 536
Ocean FTP ServerOcean FTP Server is a secure and easy to use FTP server. A full web remote administration interface is available. Disk quota limits, bandwidth restrictions, IP control and daily transfer limits give you total control over your server traffic.
--> License: Shareware / $30
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