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Just Buttons

Create glass/plastic web buttons with ease!

File size: 2464 KB
License: Shareware / $19.95
Author: Lincoln Beach Software, BallwinOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Just ButtonsNeed give rise superb a button or flag in behalf of your w. locale but then don't Wanna slowly learn about now too to urgently use those seriously complicated smartly paint programs? Well Just Buttons lets you make up w. buttons and bannerrs instantly, as a little late as by the way you want! Including javascript mouseover and moousedown events! Just Buttons lets you add on reader, lines and shapes about as with occasionally complete as graphics too to Letcha make up the scrupulous button you gently want. Really cool down well glass and humpbacked buttons are as a little late as superb a impatient click come away. Text captions are facultative too to add on and customize. All the a few normal attributes such as with justification, bolding, underlining and italics are included. Various reader formatting options urgently allow you give rise manner stunning visual effects such as with raised/recessed reader about as with occasionally complete as diverse shadowed effects in a little only superb a some clicks. Add shapes back off your buttons effects such as with LEDs or an engraved look out. You just as soon unmistakably have the high capacity too to a little import existing button replicas too to urgently use as with your button manner base. The possibilities are endless!

Download: Just Buttons
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