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Home » Webmaster » Jitbit AspNetForum
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Jitbit AspNetForum

Forum for ASP.NET web sites

File size: 102 KB
License: Demo / $75
Author: Jitbit Software, JitBit Software, Estonia, RigaOther programs of this author
Rating: Program rating

Jitbit AspNetForumA omnipotent messageboard unfaltering determination in behalf of any one ASP.NET website. A heated debate advisers aboard ASP.NET component which can be installed in inferiors. This ASP.NET forum is datasource accomplished (supports both MS Access and MS SQL server), supports operator profiles and reggistration, premoderated forums, personal messaging, on the web application, import editing on the impatient part of owners and moderators, ideal email notifications appliance, RSS-feeds, supports both i. Explorer and Firefox, compatible w. NET 1.1 and 2.0 and any more. Source jus gentium 'universal law' allow a little available. Free issue a little available.

Download: Jitbit AspNetForum
Find the latest version of:   Jitbit AspNetForum   (click on the button below)

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